I only do one thing, I'm an all-or-nothing sorta guy.

I’m not here for anything less than telling your whole crazy-amazing story, and crafting you the best wedding film possible. So here’s the deal:

“SHORT STORY” - $3600

  • Full-day coverage. I’ll be there from makeup to the dance floor. Longer, if needed.

  • 5-7 minute True Story film. This is the one you’ll still be watching holding hands, when you’re 85.

  • HD resolution edit delivered online, USB on request

“Full Story” - $4600

  • Full-day coverage

  • 7-10 minute True Story film

  • Chapterised, complete edits of ceremony, speeches, dances etc from start to finish. You want to re-live your husband ugly crying? You’ve got it. Typically 1-2 hrs total.

  • 4k resolution edits on a USB for safekeeping, I also keep a backup forever.

Here’s how things go after you get in contact.

  • We’ll meet. I’ll shout you coffee/beer. We’ll talk about weddings and stuff.

  • A few months out from your wedding, I’ll come to your house and record an interview. This is my second favourite part of our time together.

  • I’ll stroll in one bright, beautiful morning, and I’ll follow you around with a camera. You’ll get married, it’ll be great.

  • I’ll go back to my editing cave for a few weeks, and when I emerge… you’ll get an email with a link to something truly special.

If you want anything else, we’ll work it out when we meet, or even maybe the day before the wedding. I’m not here to tell you what to do! 

I’m here to show you how awesome you are.