Tea Wales, wedding videographer
Hey there lovebirds

I'm Tearlach. Don't bother trying to sound it out, it's one of those weird ones. Let's go with Tea (teee) for short. As in, cup-of.

First off, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work. It's crazy to think that I might get to come to your wedding!

Rather than giving you some long-winded story, I really want my films to speak for themselves. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to enjoy a snapshot into someone else's life & wedding - they have been gracious enough to share their days with me, and to allow me to pass on that privilege to you. Please watch with joy & love in your heart.

That said, I'm genuinely inspired by you & your love. After I got married, I realised what a special day a wedding is, that those few hours we get to celebrate our love with family & friends are so so precious. 

It's a privilege & a truly worthy pursuit to help you remember & re-live those hours.

I want to show you what your love looks like. Because from here, it looks perfect.


What’s your style?

In terms of visual style, I’d call it journalistic. I’m very interested in people’s interactions, small details and those perfect moments that magically happen on a wedding day. 

To that end, I consider it critical that I’m an encouraging and comforting presence on the day.

I’m very respectful of the energy and feeling you and your family have built up on the day, so I work hard to not have an impact. It’s your day.

Lots of couples I’ve worked with have expressed that they are nervous or self-conscious around cameras, however once we get going it’s never an issue. On the day, you’ll quickly find there are far more exciting things to focus on!


What happens once we’ve made a booking?

I think it’s important that we spend some time together. I want everyone who is there on the day to be supporting you the best they can, myself included, and the only way to do that is to get familiar with one another.

You’ll see me twice, possibly three times before your wedding day.

We’ll meet, it takes time to properly go through your day in detail, work out what special things you have planned and if there are any particular points of focus.

Weeks or months before your wedding, I’ll record your interview.

If there are any special circumstances or challenges for the day, I might meet you at the venue in the days leading up to your wedding.


How do you record the interview?

Ah, glad you asked! I’ll come to your place, and one-on-one we’ll have a very casual chat that will turn into you saying nice things about each other.

The first time your partner will hear your words is when they watch the film.


Is there a deposit?

Yes, of $500. Deposit can be made once the booking is confirmed.


Could I pay for extra hours?

I don’t charge by the hour. I’m committed to making the best wedding film I can, so I’ll be with you for as long as you need. 


Can we get a longer edit?

What you get from the package I offer is your True Story edit of 5-7ish minutes, plus complete footage of your ceremony, speeches, dances and any other special proceedings you may wish for me to capture.

In my experience, the short True Story edit is really the thing you want to watch and re-watch. It’s the perfect amount of time to tell the story of the day, re-live those emotions and share with friends and family.

It’s great to have coverage of your whole ceremony and speeches, but they are an event in themselves to watch and probably aren’t something you will watch casually.

If you still want a longer edit, we can absolutely discuss it, but a lot of the cost of the package is in editing time.

Your True Story gets an immense amount of work put into it, and I believe it’s the ultimate format for telling the story of the day.


What area do you service?

I’m based in Melbourne but happy to travel. If you’d like to chat about this, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.


Where can we keep up-to-date with what you’ve been doing recently?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, and I update this website regularly.